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Province’s leaders visited and presented gifts to Cham Bani people on Ramuwan festival

BTO- On May 22 morning, deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Duong Van An and leaders of the provincial Committee for Vietnam Fatherland Front and other provincial agencies visited to give best wishes to the Cham Muslim community (Cham Bani) in Tanh Linh and Ham Thuan Bac districts on the occasion of Ramuwan festival 2018.

At the visited sites (Lac Tanh townlet in Tanh Linh district and Ham Tri commune of Ham Thuan Bac district), Mr. An offered his best regards to the people of Cham Bani as they are about to celebrate a cosy and happy Ramuwan festival. He aslo asked the Cham Muslim priests, dignitaries and managing boards of Cham residential communities to keep on dissemination on the promotion of their solidarity and mutual support to maintain traditional cultural characteristics of the Cham ethnic minority as well as join hands to promote patriotic emulation movement and build the national great unity bloc.

On the same day, vice chairman of the provincial People’s Committee  Nguyen Duc Hoa led a delegation of representative leaders of departments, agencies and localities paid a visit to present gifts and extend Ramuwan greetings to people of the Cham Muslim in Phan Thanh commune, Bac Binh district.  

The delegation visited and offered gifts to the Party Committee, People’s Council, People’s Committee, Vietnam Fatherland Front of Phan Thanh commune, the managing boards of Canh Dien, Thanh Kiet and Chau Hanh hamlets, t priests, Muslim pagodas, families Mr. Dang Che Hoa-former vice chairman of the provincial Committee for ethnic minority affairs and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Man-hero of the People’s Armed Forces.

Mr. Hoa warmly felicitated his congratulations to the whole community of Cham Bani people amid the jubilant atmosphere of Ramuwan festival. He highly appreciated the solidarity to build a national unity bloc of the local people. Over the past year, dignitaries and followers of Cham Muslim have made considerable contributions to the socioeconomic development of the locality. He urged the Cham Bani people to overcome difficulties to better their lives, well implement the Party’s policies, the State’s laws, and actively engage in the movement of building new style rural areas and building cultural life in the locality.

He asked dignitaries of the Cham Bani to promote their roles in mobilizing the people to comply with the Party’s guidelines, the State’s policies and laws.

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