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Phu Quy women swap plastic waste

Phu Quy  islanders swap plastic waste for instant noodle, notebooks and shopping baskets

BTO – To join hands to protect the environment and reduce plastic waste use, the Women’s Union of Tam Thanh commune, Phu Quy district on Sunday (September 27th) organized a campaign to batter plastic waste for noodle, baskets and notebooks.

Children swap plastic waste for instand noodle

The campaign day has collected as many as 100 kilograms of plastic waste from the local islanders on the same day. Such meaningful activities help raise the local awareness of environmental protection, gradually changing their habits of using plastic products instead of glass products, biological and self-destructive bags. Those actions aim to mitigate environmental pollution, making the island greener and greener.

Children swap plastic waste for notebooks.

Plastic waste is reportedly a threat to the environment, especially, to a remote island without waste treatment plant. Thanks to such meaningful swap, waste plastic can be reduced, students can get free notebooks and women can get free shopping baskets.

Translated by My Thien  

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