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Fishermen bury 3-meter False kil

Fishermen bury 3-meter False killer whale washed up on Phu Quy shore

BTO – On December 12th morning, fishermen in Long Hai commune, Phu Quy district observed a burial ceremony for a 3-meter-carcass (scientific named as Pseudorca crassdens). The event was held following the local rituals.

Earlier, the carcass was washed up on the Van Lien Thanh area of Long Hai commune. According to the local fishermen, at the time the whale was pushed away on shore, the locals tried to pull it back to the sea. However, the fish had refused to leave and it had been pushed away to the shore again. The fish was then in serious condition and died of many injuries on its body.  

Reportedly, the false killer whale (Pseudorca crassdens) is an Oceanic dolphin that inhabits oceans worldwide but mainly frequents tropic regions. The name “flase killer whale” comes from the similar skull characteristics to the killer whale (Orcinus Orca).

Translated by My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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