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Ceremony to recognize Phu Quy as

Ceremony to recognize Phu Quy as provincial tourist site

BTO – Phu Quy district island has been recognized as a provincial tourist site on July 3rd morning as it has become a popular destination for tourists domestically and internationally.

Possessed a great potential for sea economy and tourism development, Phu Quy is proud of its natural landscapes, pristine and wild beaches. Since 2016, the locality has made a great progress in tourism development, especially when the electricity is available on the island all day long.

At the event

Over the past year, Phu Quy has welcomed nearly 42,000 domestic and foreign tourists, a year-on-year increase of 117 percent. Currently, the transport from Phan Thiet to Phu Quy and vice versa are radically ensured with 3 express passenger-ships and several commodity carriers, meeting local demands for regular travel and transportation.

With the improvement of transportation, more and more visitors find the ways to visit the island for sightseeing, business and research. It is regarded as a key point to bridge the gap between the island with the inland, forwarding the local economy and tourism development.

Awarding recognition as a provincial tourist site to Phu Quy island

The recognition is a significant event thanks to all-out efforts of the local tourism sector. Phu Quy is expected to receive around 74,000 tourists, including 6,000 international ones, by 2030 under the PPC’s plan.  By then, the island can fetch up about VND 380 billion a year to the local state budget, bringing a growth rate of 10.46 percent a year, and help solve over 2,000 laborers.

Addressing the recognizing ceremony, Director of Binh Thuan department of Culture, Sports and Tourism confirmed that: Phu Quy is a specially important position in national defense, and plays a role as outpost island embracing the waters of the Vietnam’s South-central region.

Being an impressive sightseeing destination of Binh Thuan, the island offers visitor with exciting experience such as: beach-swimming, fishing, diving, relics-visiting, leaning about traditional fishing villages, and so on.

Besides, the hospitality and friendliness of the islanders, visitors can take time and do relax themselves among the neglected setting, enjoy the best and fresh seafood specialties. Such attractiveness has lured a number of tourists to the island in the recent years.

According to the island’s  Vice Chairman of People’s Committee Ngo Tan Luc, the recognition is a big pride of the islanders. The meaningful event urges the locality to make more efforts and determination to fully achieve the set targets and tasks.

Translated by My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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