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ABC Bakery joins dragon fruit

ABC Bakery joins dragon fruit "Rescue"

BTO In the recent days, ABC Bakery store (ABC – Asia One Member Limited Company) positioned on Nguyen Trai Street, district 5, Ho Chi Minh City has debut its bread made of dragon fruit with a price at VND 6,000 per loaf. As known, due to the impact of coronavirus disease, prices of dragon fruit have continuously plunged and are facing the risk of dumping.

Mr. Kao Sieu Luc, Director-General of ABC, who is the direct chef to make such dragon-fruit bread as a pilot, stated that the new loaf aims to help dragon fruit farmers and introduce that new cake to consumers.

“Previously, I had a working trip to the Vietnam's Western region and found full of ripe dragon fruit on the fields. Someone told me that there has been a slump in such fruit market due to the impact of COVID-19 outbreak in China. Therefore, I decided to use dragon fruit as a material for my new bread recipe”, said ABC Bakery owner in HCMC.

According to Mr. Luc, the bread-making recipe is rather simple with the use of 60 percent of dragon fruit smoothie instead of 80 percent of water as before. The dragon-fruit loaf output is often in bolder color than the normal one with natural flavor and fragrance.

During the pilot period, ABC will churn out 150 loaves of dragon fruit. Last week, the company held an unveiling ceremony to introduce this new kind of bread along with other loaves made from durian, and Indian Taro to customers.

“The Company has purchased 1 ton of dragon fruit to store in cold storage. I intend to share the recipe with other bakery stores nationwide so that dragon fruit can be used on a large scale, contributing to consuming many more fruit. Besides, we will make an offer for selling dragon fruit bread to giant fast-food enterprises”, added Mr. Luc.

Translated by My Thien (Source: NLDO)

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