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“Vietnamese people travel in Vietnam” campaign to reboot tourism in the periods of post-Covid-19 pandemic

BTO – “Vietnamese people travel in Vietnam” program, launched by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MoCST) in a bid to stimulate domestic tourism, runs from June 1st to December 31st, 2020. The program aims to connect the joint-efforts between the Vietnamese people and the travel businesses and accommodations in the cause of economic recovery after Covid-19 pandemic.

Vietnam has so far controlled the Covid-19 pandemic well. Meanwhile, the national social distancing measures were eased at the peak season of hot summer in many localities. Although all domestic travel barriers have been lifted, the tourism sector has not yet realized any new “breath of air” after Covid-19 freeze.

Binh Thuan tourism image

Together with many localities nationwide, Binh Thuan tourism has rushed to implement tourism stimulus program so that it can help gradually revive the so-called “Smokeless industry”. The province will be a “safe, attractive, friendly and hospitality destination” as a number of specialty products are unveiled at very cheap prices.

After being frozen for a long time, several travel enterprises started entering a race for reviving tourism market share. This is the golden time for restructure tourism activities, improve service quality and create unique tourism products in an effort to recover Binh Thuan’s tourism industry from the crushing impacts of the pandemic.

Although Binh Thuan was an epicenter of Covid-19 with nine positive cases, the local authorities at all levels, especially the Health sector, has made every effort in pandemic prevention and control. As of now, the province has recorded no new cases contracted with Covid-19, making a great signal for Binh Thuan tourism after a long time of “hibernation”.

In those days, a number of resorts and hotels have launched stimulus packages or full-package tours at very reasonable prices.

This year’s April 30th and May Day holidays, Binh Thuan tourism saw a humble tourist volume in comparison to that of previous years. The Covid-19 impacts caused big concerns among holiday-goers’ psychology.  Therefore, the local tourism sector must have appropriate and timely plans to beef up propaganda and stimulus programs. The program highlights a variety of tourism in terms of sea, ecology, history and culture, culinary, etc.

Hopefully, with the improved tourist services at appropriate prices, plus safe prevention against Covid-19 epidemic, tourists will be no longer anxious when doing a trip away.

Thanks to the local advantages in landscapes and food specialties, a great flow of domestic and foreign tourists have flocked to Binh Thuan for sightseeing and relaxation in several years. To revive the local tourism market, it should enhance propaganda, advertisements via social networks such Facebook, Zalo, and Media.  

Translated by My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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