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Japan International Cooperation

Japan International Cooperation Agency worked with Binh Thuan’s leaders

BTO – On June 29th morning, a delegation of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) led by Kakioka Naoki – deputy head of JICA representative office in Vietnam arrived in Binh Thuan for irrigation project in Phan Ri – Phan Thiet. Mr. Pham Van Nam, vice chairman of the provincial People’s Committee and representative of leaders of the province’s bodies attended the reception.

At the reception

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the implementation of the level-3 canal system has been approved by the department of Planning and Investment, which aims to solve water supply for over 2.500 hectares of agricultural irrigation area in Song Binh, Binh An, Hai Ninh, Phan Thanh communes and Luong Son town. The investor is planning package deals No. 09,10,14 to submit to the PPC for approval before October 30th, 2018, and ask for budget allocation for 2019.

At the meeting, Mr. Kakioka Naoki highly appreciated Binh Thuan authorities’ efforts on focal direction and timely repair the damage at the resettlement sites, taking interested in allocating population to the resettlement areas and investment in irrigation system. Mr. Naoki expected to tightly work with the functional authorities to completely remove obstacles relating the project. At the same time, he asked the province to promptly disburse the budget for the constructions of package deal No. 11,12,13 and canal system level 3.

 Regarding to the management and repair works for resettlement in 4 areas, the provincial People’s committee of Bac Binh has repaired the damaged sites of resettlement.

Addressing the meeting, Vice chairman Pham Van Nam sent regards to the JICA for the irrigation project in Phan Ri – Phan Thiet over the past time. He confirmed the locals have got benefits from the project supported by JICA. Hopefully, the JICA would keep on supporting Binh Thuan province in the coming time.

Translated by My Thien


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