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Green grape gardens in Phuoc The become popular tourism product in Binh Thuan

BTO – Recently, tourists coming to Tuy Phong district often book tours to visit grape gardens in Hamlet 1-Phuoc The commune, so travel agencies have seized the opportunity to set up attractive tours for visitors to discover green grape garden in the locality.

Each week, there are hundreds of tourists visiting vineyards in Phuoc The, especially in harvest season, the number of visitors have increased.

Forming a chain of destinations to attract tourists

On these days, vineyards in Phuoc The received many groups of tourists. They visited grape gardens and bought homemade grape products such as: fresh grapes, wine, grape juice and jam, etc.. with reasonable prices.

Over the past years, vinedressers in Tuy Phong used to suffered from the situation of  “low prices in bumper crop and high prices in poor crop”. Harsh weather of this region has made life of local farmers more difficult. Families living along the 1A National Highway have invested in vineyards to develop business and serve for tourists who are fond of making trips to grape gardens to savor the sweet taste of the fruit. Thanks to this new tourism form, many households of grape gardeners have developed their business and gained better living standards.

Currently, a chain of destinations has been set up with tens of vineyards in order to better meet the demand of tourists of enjoying fresh fruit at anytime. Visitors are very interested in directly seeing farmers caring and harvesting grapes, as well as taste the fruit on the spot.

Phuoc The commune now has about 50 households growing grapes, with a combined land area of 20ha, mainly in hamlet. In 2017, with the purpose of facilitating grape production of the locals, people’s committee of Phuoc The commune established Phuoc The grape cooperative in support of grape growers in caring techniques, applying new grape varieties.  Over the past 3 years, green grape and Japanese red grape varieties have been planted in this region with 10 ha and 4 ha respectively. Especially, the fruit grown in Phuoc The has high quality and economic values that are equal with the same products planted in the famous grape growing region of Ninh Thuan province.  Local authorities have submitted petition to the people’s committee of Tuy Phong district to seek the recognition as a key crop for grape in Phuoc The commune.

More tourism knowledge needed

According to a grape garden owner, local farmers should be equipped with basic information and knowledge about tourism sector to better explore their  vineyards. The the same time, a linkage between grape gardeners and tour operators and travel companies to designed suitable tours that include trips to visit grape gardens or apple gardens in Tuy Phong.

Currently, a kilo of green grapes is priced at about VND 50,000-60,000, and VND 100,000 for a kilo of Japanese red grapes.

Translated by Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)


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