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FDI Enterprises prioritizes envi

FDI Enterprises prioritize environmental protection

BTO – As many as 113 enterprises with Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) have been attracted in the whole province of Binh Thuan in terms of Thermo power, Wind Power, Agro-forestry-Fisheries, Husbandry, Tourism, etc.

Operational activity

Since operation dates, almost all of the FDI enterprises have basically abided by the Laws and Regulations on Environmental protection. Various businesses showed their interest in performing periodic environmental monitoring and sending its results to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and other functional organs.

For example, the Trans pacific seafood processing limited company, Right Rich International limited company, Bernecker Limited Company, Vietnam IST limited company, Hai Wang limited company, etc. are those which always make good performance in environmental protection.

Moreover, the functional authorities warned some cases using out-of-date production technology of the risks of pollution so as to timely address their shortcomings. Consequently, some of them have changed their functional operation, upgrade waste water treatment and technology, helping limit air pollution.

Translated by My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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