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Binh Thuan to focus on 6 urgent things to step up consumption for over 44,500 tons of dragon fruit 

BTO- Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Ngoc Hai on February 7 chaired a meeting with functional agencies and enterprises to discuss solutions to the production and consumption of dragon fruit amid coronavirus outbreak.

As reported, after a working session between department of Industry and Trade with representatives of firms, retailers from Ho Chi Minh city, 6 trading units (including Big C, VinMart, Lotte Mart, Co.opMart…) have confirmed that they will purchase Binh Thuan dragon fruit and sell at their market chains nationwide, with a total volume of 120 tons per day. Besides, Binh Thuan’s trade sector has also partnered with Ho Chi Minh City’s Enterprises’ Association to boost consumption of dragon fruit at 3 major wholesale markets in Ho Chi Minh city (Binh Dien, Thu Duc, Hoc Mon) and among its member companies.

A number of local enterprises have purchased a large quantity of dragon fruit (1,000 tons) to preserve in refrigerated stocks to wait for official exports to China, Malaysia,Thailand and India.

According to statistics, the total dragon fruit output of Binh Thuan in February is estimated at 44,586 tons, apart from 500 container trucks of dragon fruit which are waiting for customs clearance at border crossings to China in the north region. Chairman Nguyen Ngoc Hai stressed that functional bodies, Binh Thuan Dragon fruit Association and exporters must work together to quickly carry out 6 tasks in order to boost the consumption for dragon fruit so that farmers will not dump their products.

-         Firstly, it's important to consider and propose policies in support of rental costs of cold storage for dragon fruit preservation, as well as power costs for cold storage owners.

-         Secondly, functional agencies need to review the list of farmers with bank loans to promptly give them support.

-         Thirdly, giving referential policies to owners of standardized cold storages who have reputation with local farmers, banking sector and local authorities.

-          Fourthly, reviewing the current situation of harvest and production of dragon fruit in the province, and giving instructions to dragon fruit growers in caring the fruit, forecasting and  updating information relating to the prices, the markets and the development of nCoV outbreak locally and internationally in order to sell the fruit with suitable prices.

-         Fifthly, implementing dragon fruit production chain with the purpose of promoting the preservation, processing, purchasing and export of dragon fruit.

-         Finally, creating linkages for local dragon fruit trading units and dragon fruit purchase companies to boost contracts for dragon fruit consumption in the next few days.

Translated by Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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