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Export revenue hit USD 39

Binh Thuan’s export turnover hit nearly USD 320 million in 2018’s 3 quarters

BTO-Export turnover of Binh Thuan province is estimated at USD 32.3 million in September, bringing the total export value of the first three quarters to reach USD an estimate of 319.9 million, a year-on-year increase of 15.61%.

Processing seafood for export (Illustrative photo)

In particular, group of marine products realized USD 105.2 million, while agricultural products earned USD 8.1 million and group of other products performed an export value of USD 206.6 million. However, some products saw decreases in export revenue, such as: rubber latex and  seafood.  In the meantime, dragon fruit enjoyed an increase of 38.18% in export turnover in the first nine months of the year, with 4, 138 tons.

Key markets of Binh Thuan’s exported products are in asian countries/territories with a total value of USD 191.27 million (up 13.53%), followed by American and European markets.

Besides, export of tourism services in the past 9 months achieved an estimate of USD 176.01 million, raising by 13.85% while entrusted export gained an estimate of USD 14.41 million.

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