TTC Ham Phu 2 solar power plant inaugurated

Updated at 16:07:13 05/24/2019 (Views: 41)

BTO –TTC Group and its member company Gia Lai Hydropower Join Stock Company solemnly held the inauguration ceremony for TTC Ham Phu 2 Solar Power Plant in Ham Phu commune-Ham Thuan Bac district-Binh Thuan province.

  • Binh Thuan welcomed 320,500 turns of foreign tourists in 2019’s first 5 months

    Updated at 10:02:22 05/22/2019 (Views: 82)

    BTO – The number of visitors coming to destinations in Binh Thuan has soared in the recent days due to prolonged hot weather in May.

  • Tra fish shipments to US, China fall

    Updated at 15:17:50 05/20/2019 (Views: 123)

    Shipments of Tra fish from the Mekong Delta to the US and China, two of the biggest buyers of the products, have dropped compared to the figure last year.

  • First working day of Party Central Committee’s 10th meeting

    Updated at 09:02:27 05/17/2019 (Views: 166)

    The 12th Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPVCC) spent the first working day of its 10th meeting in Hanoi on May 16 discussing several draft reports. 

  • Japan among top 10 importers of Vietnam’s tra fish for first time

    Updated at 10:41:56 05/16/2019 (Views: 179)

    Vietnamese tra fish, a major foreign currency earner, has gradually won the trust of Japanese consumers as seen in the market’s emergence as one of the 10 biggest tra fish importers of Vietnam.

  • Ho Chi Minh City, Japan boost economic ties

    Updated at 10:30:53 05/15/2019 (Views: 199)

    Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Phong has expressed his wish that the Japanese Business Association in HCM City (JBAH) would further uphold its role in connecting the municipal authorities with Japanese investors. 

  • Technology – key driver to turn VN into developed nation: PM

    Updated at 09:41:56 05/10/2019 (Views: 228)

    Technology is the main factor to develop Vietnam’s economy, help it escape from the middle-income trap, and transition into a developed nation, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc affirmed at a forum in Hanoi on May 9.

  • Ham Thuan Bac to boost hi-tech application in agriculture

    Updated at 11:35:03 05/09/2019 (Views: 228)

    BTO- As of now, Ham Thuan Bac district has promoted the applications of high technologies in planting 6,683 hactares of dragon fruit, 254 hectares of rice varieties, 153 hectares of safe vegetable.

  • Sweden pledges to help Vietnam in energy saving

    Updated at 10:14:49 05/09/2019 (Views: 228)

    Sweden will help Vietnam in areas of its strength like energy saving, focusing on renewable energy development, Swedish Minister for Foreign Trade Ann Linde has said.

  • State Bank vows to flexibly direct monetary policy

    Updated at 10:12:17 05/09/2019 (Views: 223)

    Deputy Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) Nguyen Thi Hong has affirmed that the SBV will direct monetary policy in a proactive, flexible, and cautious manner, and in harmony with fiscal and other macro-economic policies to curb inflation, maintain macro-economic stability, and fuel economic growth.

  • Foreign investors interested in North-South Expressway component project

    Updated at 08:55:13 05/08/2019 (Views: 226)

    The management board of the North-South Expressway project will issue prequalification documents to bidders of the National Highway 45-Nghi Son section of the project from May 8 to July 8, according to Cao Viet Hung, head of the board’s Planning Office.

  • Vietnam takes lead in global mobile payment growth

    Updated at 14:40:30 05/07/2019 (Views: 232)

    The growth of the number of people making mobile payments in stores in Vietnam is at the fastest, according to the Global Consumer Insights Survey 2019 by PwC.

  • PM urges southern key economic zone to put forth specific mechanisms

    Updated at 10:28:04 05/07/2019 (Views: 232)

    The southern key economic zone needs to set forth a long-term vision and outline mechanisms and policies to develop in a strong and sustainable manner, maintaining its locomotive role in national socio-economic development, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has said.

  • Société Générale to become financial adviser for Ke Ga wind power project

    Updated at 16:23:45 05/04/2019 (Views: 238)

    BTO – The UK’s Enterprize Energy has recently signed officially agreement with a French Bank Société Générale so that the Société Générale is chosen to be the finanical adviser for the initial phrase of Ke Ga offshore Wind Power project in Binh Thuan province. It is now known as the world’s biggest project of its kinds.

  • 7 enterprises join 1st job transaction session 2019

    Updated at 10:24:37 05/03/2019 (Views: 235)

    BTO- The provincial Employment Service Center lately held the 1st job transaction session in 2019, with the participation of 7 businesses inside and outside the province, including 2 labor export companies, to seek employees for 158 vacancies.

  • Phu Quy welcomes a record number of tourists in late April

    Updated at 10:19:27 05/03/2019 (Views: 233)

    BTO – A record number of tourists have visited Phu Quy Island, Binh Thuan province during the 5-day holidays of Reunification Day (April 30th) and May Day, according to Statistics of Phu Quy district.  

  • Visitors flock to tourist destinations during national holidays

    Updated at 08:21:53 05/02/2019 (Views: 237)

    The capital city of Hanoi welcomed over 440,000 tourists during the five-day holidays which lasted from April 27 to celebrate Reunification Day (April 30) and May Day. 

  • Phong Phu Solar Power Plant successfully connected to national grid

    Updated at 09:41:33 04/29/2019 (Views: 247)

    BTO – The Phong Phu Solar Power Plant (Phong Phu Commune-Tuy Phong district) on April 27 was officially connected to the national power grid after nearly 9 months of construction.

  • Tourism revenue gained nearly VND 5 trln in 2019’s first 4 months

    Updated at 14:40:41 04/25/2019 (Views: 260)

    BTO- Tourism activities in Binh Thuan have been prosperous during April thanks to favourable weather and numerous tourist arrivals in the Hung King Commemoration Day.

  • Programme bolsters industrial development in rural areas

    Updated at 14:38:49 04/25/2019 (Views: 245)

    The national industry encouragement programme from 2014 to 2018 has contributed largely to industrial development in rural areas, thus promoting the economic structure shifting towards industrialisation, modernisation, and new-style rural area building, said Minister of Industry and Trade Tran Tuan Anh.

  • Tuy Phong: 8 solar power projects under construction

    Updated at 10:07:29 04/24/2019 (Views: 259)

    BTO – According to Tuy Phong division of Economics and Infrastructure, the locality sees at least 8 solar power projects are already on the stocks and are expected to complete before June 2019 so as they can get preferential policies of the Government.

  • Vinh Tan 4 Expansion Thermal Power Plant sucessfully connect with national power grid

    Updated at 15:52:48 04/23/2019 (Views: 260)

    BTO – Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Expansion Plant was successfully connected to the national power grid at 10.30 AM on April 22nd, 2019. This is a significant milestone in the progress of reaching the achievement in the pilot operation of the plant by June 2019.

  • Vietnam invests in 190 projects in Cambodia

    Updated at 14:19:44 04/23/2019 (Views: 248)

    Vietnam has so far invested in 190 projects worth nearly 2.9 billion USD in Cambodia, according to the Saigon Giai phong (Liberated Saigon) newspaper.

  • Vietnamese firm introduces AI-powered realty forecast technology in Japan

    Updated at 14:19:00 04/23/2019 (Views: 248)

    The Vietnamese-based Vitalify Asia Co., Ltd. has unveiled its robotic process automation system specialising in making real estate predictions.

  • Major wood processing factory opened in Ha Tinh province

    Updated at 10:34:15 04/22/2019 (Views: 249)

    A medium density fibreboard (MDF) factory that is considered the biggest of its kind in the central region of Vietnam was inaugurated in Vu Quang district of Ha Tinh province on April 21.

  • Hoa Phu 2 Solar Power plant connected to national grid

    Updated at 10:45:39 04/16/2019 (Views: 295)

    BTO- The TTC Ham Phu 2 solar power plant has been recently connected successfully to the national electricity grid. This is the second of this kinds in Binh Thuan comes into operation.

  • Vietnam boasts many advantageous exports to Romania: Ministry

    Updated at 10:19:13 04/16/2019 (Views: 259)

    Romania is a market of great potential to Vietnam’s exports like tropical fruits (fresh and canned), seafood (frozen and canned), coffee, pepper, cashew nut and pork, although the European country has a relatively developed agriculture, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

  • Vietnam International Trade Fair 2019 opens in Hanoi

    Updated at 09:13:53 04/12/2019 (Views: 270)

    The Vietnam International Trade Fair 2019 (Vietnam Expo 2019) returned to Hanoi for its 29th edition on April 10, with a wide range of products on display, including machinery and equipment for the supporting industry, electronic goods, agricultural products, and food and beverages, among others.

  • Leader worked with investors of offshore wind power project

    Updated at 10:41:27 04/11/2019 (Views: 289)

    BTO-Vice chairman of the provincial people’s Committee Luong Van Hai on April 9 arranged a working session with Asia Petroleum Energy Corporation (Asia Petro) representing investors of offshore wind power project in Binh Thuan.

  • Binh Thuan to make the best preparation for tourism activities ahead of busy holidays

    Updated at 15:30:52 04/10/2019 (Views: 266)

    BTO- Department of Culture-Sports and Tourism recently issued a document to direct its affiliates in districts/city/town, management boards of tourist areas and tourism enterprises to intensify managing work to ensure a safe tourism environment during the public holidays in April.

  • VND 417 million in favor of Red-fleshed dragon fruit wine production

    Updated at 10:38:43 04/10/2019 (Views: 271)

    BTO – After the approval of local project of agriculture encouragement list, Binh Thuan Trade Encouragement center have recently stepped up signing agreements with beneficiary units.

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