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Famed artists set to visit Phu Q

Famed artists set to visit Phu Quy for “Proud of Vietnam’s seas and islands” 2017

BTO –As many as 22 Vietnamese artists, including singers, models, actors and actresses, and typical youth will arrive in Phu Quy from June 4-6, in the 2017 “Proud of Vietnam’s seas and islands” held by the Association of  Vietnamese students, within the framework of the program “Students with the Vietnam’s seas and islands” 2017. 

22 Vietnamese artists and youth will arrive in Phu Quy in early June 2017

The famed artists will perform and express their full support for the country’s sovereignty over its seas and islands through various activities such as: music and dance performance, giving gifts and donating money to the local residents and soldiers on the island.

This year’s program is projected to take place within 3 days from June 3 to June 6, with many practical activities such as: exhibition on students ‘ideas of the islands’ economic development; showing documentary films; visiting and giving presents to policy-favored families and soldiers on duty; presenting flags and gifts to fishermen, etc. Remarkably, the program will bring two major works to Phu Quy, including: a website Phuquytravel.com.vn and lighting systems at the flagpole’s campus. The total cost of this voluntary program is estimated at over VND 700 million, donated by students and enterprises.

Reportedly, this is the fifth consecutive time the program has been held in some islands of Vietnam, with the aims of educating and nurturing Vietnamese’s students and youngsters’ patriotism, trust and responsibility to protect the national sovereignty over seas and islands.

My Thien