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Mid-Autumn celebrations

Mid-Autumn celebrations, gifts given to disadvantaged children in Binh Thuan

BTO – The Mid-Autumn is coming when agencies, units, organizations and enterprises are joining hands to organize Mid-Autumn festivals and bringing gifts to disadvantaged children across Binh Thuan province.

* On September 26, PhanThiet city Police department in collaboration with Ngoc Duy Construction Materials Co, Ltd presented 80 Mid-Autumn gifts to poor studious students in Phong Nam primary school (Phan Thiet city).

* On the same day, Phan Thiet City’s Blind Association gave meaningful presents (including confectionary and cash) to visually impaired children. The gifts are considered as an encouragement for those kids to overcome their difficulties and integrate into society.

* A charity group named T.O.T from Phan Thiet city in partnership with leaders of Ham Thuan Nam district’s Education Division on September 26 made a trip to the mountainous commune of Ham Can, where they offered 200 gifts to students of Ham Can 2 primary school. Each student received a jacket, a Mid-Autumn lantern, toothpaste - toothbrush, and a bag of confectionary. Besides practical gifts, local children also enjoyed an art show, joined games, and quiz. In addition, the group presented bicycles to 10 poor students of Ham Can secondary school.

* In Cay Cam hamlet-Hoa Minh commune-Tuy Phong district, a Mid-Autumn festival was lately held by the district’ Ho Chi Minh communist youth union branch with donations of local enterprises. The event’s entitled “Full Moon Festival”, had the attendance of Mr. Nguyen Thanh Sieng-standing deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Tuy Phong district. As many as 100 Mid-Autumn presents were given to local children as a support for them to celebrate a cozy and happy Mid-Autumn season.

* 270 Mid-Autumn gifts were granted to students in Lam Giang primary school (Ham Tri commune –Ham Thuan Bac District) by youth union members of Binh Thuan Radio & Television station, with the contribution of Phan Thiet bus club.

* On Saturday evening (September 26), the Ho Chi Minh Communist Union Branch of 681 Brigade-Naval Region 2 in collaboration with Tien Thanh commune’s women union held a Mid-Autumn festival themed “Mid-Autumn Celebration- Full Moon Festival 2020” for children of officials and soldiers who are working in the unit. The event, which also had the participation of an artistic club from Ho Chi Minh city, is an annual activity of the unit with the purpose of improving awareness of servicemen about responsibility for caring and protecting children, contributing to the common task of building a solid defense and encouraging all soldiers to well perform their missions. At that festival, 147 gifts (each gift is worth VND 200,000) were given.

* A familiar event was organized for children with disabilities and those who have difficult circumstances on Phu Quy island district. On that occasion, authorities and organizations of Phu Quy district presented 258 Mid-Autumn gifts, 30 bicycles, and 20 scholarships to disadvantaged children with a hope to bring them a warm and joyful full moon festival. All gifts above were donated by youth union member of the provincial Border Guard Command, Department of Industry and Trade, provincial State Treasure, provincial People’s Procuracy, An Phuoc Hospital, Binh Thuan Radio & Television Station, Phu Quy Electricity Company, Nguyen Thuan Agricultural product import-export company, Green Dragon investment construction company…

Miss Eco Vietnam Doan Hong Trang

* In the evening of September 28, Miss Eco Vietnam Doan Hong Trang, who also won a beauty contest in Vietnam’s central region in 2016 partnered with charity groups in Tan Xuan (Ham Tan) to organize a Mid-Autumn celebration program for children of ethnic minorities in Pho Tri hamlet-Tan Thang commune-Ham Tan district. The program consists of funny games and other activities with the purpose of providing local children with a happy Mid-Autumn festival. At the event, over 300 presents (including lanterns, moon cakes, milk, clothes…) were given to all children participants. With the presence of Doan Hong Trang-a native of Binh Thuan, the program has brought children a cozy and meaningful Mid-Autumn festival. Trang and her partners are expected to carry out this program in other localities of Ham Tan district.

Combined and translated by Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan Online)