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Gifts brought to students in mou

Gifts brought to students in mountainous area on International Children’s Day


BTO- A group of sponsors and Youth union members lately made a trip to the mountainous commune of Phan Dung –Tuy Phong district, where they organized a meaningful festival with funny games and gifts for hundreds of local children on the occasion of International Children’s Day.

The festival, which was held in Phan Dung primary school with the participation of over 300 students and kindergarteners, included a zero dong market named “Rang Sun market” to offer children many items for free. Products provided for zero dong market, such as: notebooks, school bags, T-shirt, teddy bears, candies, bread, fried chicken, bottled milk , toys …,  are donated by sponsors and enterprises.  There was a music show performed by students of Phan Dung primary and secondary schools. In addition to receiving gifts and playing games, children were also given free hair cut. All children, with smile on their lips, were excited and eager to choose goods at that special market and enjoy their favorite meals.

Teacher Nguyen Trung Kien- Rector of Phan Dung secondary school shared that the program has given a meaningful support to students in outlying areas and encouraged them to overcome difficulties in studying.

Translated y Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan Online)