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2 foreign experts get permit to

2 foreign experts get permit to work in Phu Quy district

 BTO- Under the proposal of Binh Thuan electricity Company, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee lately gave the nod two foreigners to work as technical experts  for Phu Quy wind power plant (Phu Quy island district).

Accordingly, those experts, which are Indian and Australian nationals, will be allowed to come to Phu Quy island to for repair and upkeep of wind turbine blades.

The provincial People’s Committee asks Binh Thuan Electricity to work with the provincial Public Security to seek travel permits to and from Phu Quy island for the two experts. The company must also cooperate with local authority to strcitly carry out measures for Covid-19 prevention as stipulation.

 Translated by Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan Online)