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Binh Thuan

Binh Thuan: Dozens of bridges put into use in rural areas

BTO- Binh Thuan is among 51 provinces/cities nationwide getting support for the construction of bridges for the community in a project approved by Ministry of Transport.

After 2 years of implementation, dozens of rural bridges belonging to this project have been completed and put into operation, meeting the demand of local residents for travelling and transportation towards boosting economic development in many localities. 

Reportedly, the approved project, which has been commenced in late 2017, consists of 4 components of building 43 bridges with a total investment capital of VND 90.25 billion, then it was adjusted to have 48 bridges and VND 90.5 billion of capital. The project’s managing board has closely worked with investors to make surveys in order to find which bridge need to be built the most. They have also made fact-finding trips to many remote areas, where bridges have not been built. Up to now, 32 bridges were constructed and put into use, with 6 others are ready to be completed. The last part (the 4th component of the project with the construction of 10 bridges) began construction in March and it is expected to be finished in 2021’s 1st quarter.

 Translated by Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)