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Phu Quy to fix people

Phu Quy to fix people's responsibilities to tourism development

BTO – Situated on a small area and surrounded by open sea, Phu Quy island has hardly any chances to develop the local processing industry and agriculture. In return, Phu Quy is bestowed by the nature for its fascinating landscapes, enticing a number of tourists. Notably, the transport from mainland to the island is more and more convenient, easing the exploitation of the local tourism potentials.

Phu Quy island

Great potentials for tourism development

Be surrounded by the sea, Phu Quy’s terrain is uneven, including 3 major mountains of Cam Mountain (108-meter high), Cao Cat Mountain (85 meter high) and Ong Dung Mountain (44.9-meter high). Of these, Cam Mountain plays a very important role to help fishers find the way to return the island after their voyage on the high sea. Also on this mountain top, it can easily catch the view of other mountains on the mainland like Ta Cu (Ham Thuan Nam), Ca Na (Ninh Thuan) and Nam Truong Son mountain range. The submarine fauna and flora in Phu Quy are diverse in types and colors, such as: hawksbill, lobster, king crab, moon crab, conch shell.

Additionally, there are a variety of coral reefs at the bottom of Phu Quy Sea that can be observed from the water surface. Those beautiful coral reefs look like thousands of branches or antlers of the opaque white deer. The island is enclosed by the so-called archipelagoes, divided into 2 zones: Hoang Hai and Hon Tranh. Remarkably, the former of Hon Hai is about 35 nautical miles to the North, plays a very significant role in national sovereignty claim. It is also an attractive tourist spot included in Phu Quy tour program. The latter is in S-shaped and emerged as an indispensable destination for visitors, with a record of over 2,000 tourists on peak season.

Together with favorable weather and warm climate, the island of Phu Quy also owns a number of historical heritages at provincial and national levels, becoming a must-to-visit destination for holiday-goers and trekkers.

Local residents are attached to tourism business

Phu Quy’s farm area has been narrowing down in the recent years, making the agriculture sector push back. Moreover, the fishing ground is declined, causing negative affects to the fishermen. Therefore, the local authorities urge the local residents to do tourism business, adapting new trends of the provincial and national economic development and solving jobs for the islanders.

Over the past 9 months of 2019, Phu Quy welcomed nearly 40,000 visitors, a year-on-year increase of 20 percent. There are 5 units applying for tourism exploitation projects in Phu Quy Island.

Deputy Secretary of Binh Thuan provincial Party committee Huynh Thanh Canh confirmed the great potential for tourism development of Phu Quy, which should be carefully considered and chosen to bring the best tourist products to the markets. The local residents are the driving force in doing tourism business in the island. However, Mr. Canh noted the attention to the environment and hygiene protection while implementing tourism project on that pristine and green island of the province.

Translated by My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Online)